Deliverables & Milestones

Milestone no. Milestone name Lead beneficiary
Delivery date Comments
M.1.1. Development of new bifunctional binders which produce matt powder coatings MEGARA M24 Formulations/
prototype materials
M.2.1. Nanoadditives with appropriate compatibility with powder coatings NCSRD M30 Prototype materials
M.4.1. Upscaled production of new materials (raw materials/coatings) CITY M42 Prototype process
M.4.2. At least one selected formulation for powder coatings for validation trials MEGARA M42 Prototype material
M.4.3. Successful performance of at least one powder coating material in validation trials MEGARA M48 Prototype material
M.5.1. Mid-term Assessment MEGARA M24 Review exercise


Deliverable no. Deliverable title Nature Dissemination level delivery date
D.1.1. Technical specifications for the performance of the new powder coatings O/R CO M3
D.1.2. New bifunctional acrylic binders for one-shot matt powder coatings O/R CO M24
D.2.1. Development of nanoadditives O/R CO M30
D.3.1. Report on the characterisation of D.1.2., D.2.1. samples R CO M24
D.2.2. Lab-scale samples of polymer nanocomposites for powder coatings O/R CO M36
D.3.2. Report on the characterisation of D.2.2., D.4.3. samples R CO M36
D.4.1. Design of key resin/powder coating production processes O/R CO M30
D.4.2. Up-scaled quantities of new (raw and coating) materials O/P CO M42
D.4.3. Assessment of the environmental impact of the new production processes R CO M44
D.4.4. Validation and implementation of new systems in end users formulations-identify technologies with commescialisation prospects. Technical datasheets covering new material production, application methods and conditions O/R CO M48
D.5.1. GLOW website O PU M3
D.5.2. 1st GLOW workshop O PU M30
D.5.3. GLOW Progress Reports and training, dissemination and exploitation plans O RE M1-M48
D.5.4. Final GLOW workshop O PU M48