The GLOW project envisages the development of novel, advanced polymer-based raw and composite materials as well as processing and production technologies, towards new families of powder coatings, responding at the same time to the industrial requirements for quality improvement at lower cost, production of environmentally friendly materials and shorter development cycles.

The involved groups possess multilevel and highly complementary expertise (polymer synthesis/processing, composite materials synthesis/characterisation, organic coatings production/application, process engineering) and commit to work together in a joint effort for the development of new materials and production processes to enable the design, preparation and validation of new types of powder coatings with strong commercialisation prospects.

Project Overview

Scientific & Technological Objectives

  • Filling scientific and technological gaps in powder coating systems by pursuing the facile but also less expensive manufacture and application of matt hydroxyalkylamide - based products.
  • Generation of critical knowledge on the mechanisms governing the synthesis of polymer binder systems, opening up prospects towards the derivation of new multifunctional coating materials.


The partnership includes 5 partners from 3 European (Greece, Italy, UK) and 1 Associated (Israel) Countries bridging fundamental research (strengthening the project's scientific foundations) with technological development (integrated technology platform based on material and process development) and product (powder coatings) application.

The consortium involves as participants two academic groups: the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, Greece ( and the City University of London, UK (, and three SME industrial companies: Steel Belt Systems, Italy (, Israel Barter Trading, Israel ( and Megara Resins, Greece (

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