The partnership includes 5 partners from 3 European (Greece, Italy, UK) and 1 Associated (Israel) Countries bridging fundamental research (strengthening the project's scientific foundations) with technological development (integrated technology platform based on material and process development) and product (powder coatings) application.

The consortium involves as participants two academic groups: the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, Greece and the City University of London, UK, and three SME industrial companies: Steel Belt Systems, Italy, Israel Barter Trading, Israel and Megara Resins, Greece.

The RTD participants have been selected due to their specific expertise, resources and proven track record within the S&T requirements of the project.

The SME participants, representing distinct and complementary activities in the powder coatings supply chain (raw materials supply, powder coating production, end-use/distribution), are primary beneficiaries of the project results and it is anticipated that they will take-up and validate the project outcome for a wider exploitation of the new powder coating products in global markets.

Partner Profiles

Megara Resins A. Fanis S.A. is a diversified manufacturer and supplier of raw materials for industrial and architectural coatings as well as rosin based and other synthetic resins for the paint, adhesive, paper and construction industry. For over 40 years, Megara Resins has been a pioneer in creating innovative technologies to help coatings formulators meet their customers' most demanding applications.

The Laboratory for Sorption in Porous & Composite Materials has been formed from the collaboration between the Institutes of Nuclear & Radiological Science & Technology, Energy and Safety (INRASTES) and Advanced Materials, Physicochemical Processes, Nanotechnology & Microsystems (IAMPPNM), of the National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos", the largest multidisciplinary Physical Sciences Research Institution of Greece.

SBS STEEL BELT SYSTEMS S.r.l. (SBS) was established in 1984. The company's main task is to design and build continuous process conveyors, equipped with endless steel belts from BERNDORF for a wide range of applications within the chemical, petrochemical, plastic, food, rubber and powder coating industries. SBS is a member of the international group BERNDORF (AUSTRIA). SBS headquarters are located in Venegono Inferiore (VA) - Italy.

Israel Barter Trading Co. Ltd was established in 1937 and is specializing in the introduction and marketing of chemicals into the plastics and coatings industries serving the Israeli and other selective markets. Apart from representing chemicals producers, IBT undertakes as well the development of products into these industries by means of joint R&D projects between the customers and the suppliers. The company recently has started a small production also involving the application of powder coatings.

The City University was founded in London in 1894, being now amongst the top one third universities of UK in research and development. The team participating in GLOW comprises top quality academic staff (including 4 Professors, 1 lecturer, 3 post-doctoral researchers, and several visiting fellows) from the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences ( having strong expertise in modelling/engineering of complex, control and information systems for a wide range of applications in the areas of networks, mechanical systems, business processes and supply chains. The CUL group has developed an extended suite of advanced numerical methods and mathematical models for the understanding and design of instruments and devices. This know-how will greatly promote GLOW objectives, since CUL researchers will substantially assist the engineers of the participating SMEs with the real-life control problems of existing and new industrial processes and mainly offer them valuable training in modeling to comprehend deeper process control and optimization aspects.