Israel Barter Trading Co. Ltd (IBT, Israel)


Israel Barter Trading Co. Ltd was established in 1937 and is specializing in the introduction and marketing of chemicals into the plastics and coatings industries serving the Israeli and other selective markets. Apart from representing chemicals producers, IBT undertakes as well the development of products into these industries by means of joint R&D projects between the customers and the suppliers. The company recently has started a small production also involving the application of powder coatings. IBT's goal is to become more knowledge based and give the opportunity to some of its key people to be trained in well recognized institutions in the area of production and characterization of polymeric materials as well as reactor automation etc.

Role in Glow: 
  • Definition/update of technical requirements for binder and powder coating systems.
  • Demonstration exercises for the end-use validation of the project results.
  • Commercialisation/distribution of the new products.
  • Participation in two-way secondments with the RTD partners NCSRD and CUL.
Contact person: 

Mr. Eyal Adler ( )