Megara Resins Anastasios Fanis S.A. (MEGARA, Greece)

Megara Resins A. Fanis S.A. is a diversified manufacturer and supplier of raw materials for industrial and architectural coatings as well as rosin based and other synthetic resins for the paint, adhesive, paper and construction industry. For over 40 years, Megara Resins has been a pioneer in creating innovative technologies to help coatings formulators meet their customers' most demanding applications. Today, the company remains firmly committed to the pillars of innovation and new technologies and is widely regarded as being the most innovative Greek supplier to the coatings industry through its continued investment in R&D, technical support and new product development. At the core of its strategy to accelerate profitable growth the company states its commitment to drive innovation and new technologies that help it gain a competitive advantage. With technical, research and manufacturing facilities located in Megara, innovation is combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a sales and distribution network that enable Megara Resins offering focused solutions for its customers' needs. Megara Resins is a technology leader for the development of new materials for both conventional and advanced applications. The company offers resin systems that meet and exceed customer expectations of application properties, environmental compliance and end use performance. Introduction of new "green" resins based on low VOC systems in combination with high performance properties shows the dedication and commitment of Megara Resins to the development of environmentally friendly products.

The significant number of researchers scheduled to visit Megara Resins within the framework of the GLOW project will clearly contribute to the company's policy for strong, innovative R&D activities addressing both the development of new formulations/chemistry technologies and the configuration of new production processes. After the project, Megara Resins will focus on the development of a pilot plant to manufacture batches of the new resins and will utilise the new technologies and know-how for wider application of the materials in different powder coatings end-uses. It is expected that GLOW will enable MEGARA to boost their turnover from powder coatings systems by penetrating into new market sectors and thus expand more broadly into Europe.

Role in Glow: 
  • Overall coordination of the GLOW project (including responsibility for the dissemination and exploitation activities and the IRP policy).
  • Definition/update of technical requirements for the new binder and powder coating systems.
  • Lab-scale development (synthesis, characterisation, optimisation) of new solid acrylic resins to be used as binders in one-shot matt powder coatings.
  • Investigation of the compatibility of the new resins with clay, carbon-based nanoadditives.
  • Design and implementation of new lines for the up-scaled production of the new resins.
  • Participation in two-way secondments with the RTD partners NCSRD and CUL.

Dr. Charalambos Varelas (

Contact person: 

Mrs. Poppy Krassa (