International Workshop on Advances in Coatings Technology, Materials & Applications, Industrial perspectives, Market trends – May 4th 2016 at Megara Resins, Vathi Avlidas, Greece

The international workshop on Advances in Coatings Technology will be held on 4 May 2016 in Vathi Avlidas (Greece). This conference will be organized and hosted by Megara Resins in the framework of the EU FP7 GLOW Marie Curie IAPP project.

The main objectives of the workshop, which will gather renowned scientists from academic institutions, industry representatives and experts from the coatings sector, are to present the GLOW objectives and results but also to share views and discuss with the invited organisations about synergies on enhancing cooperation between academia and industry.



  • Targeted at end users, developers, and scientists from industry and academia
  • New materials and applications
  • Industrial perspectives and strategies
  • Current technical and market barriers, market requirements and status
  • Industry-academia cooperation towards new and improved products


The workshop was organized and hosted by Megara Resins and aimed at showcasing the importance of collaboration between academia and industry in driving forward innovation in the coatings field, inspiring young scientists and raising awareness of the possibilities for collaboration. During the workshop the aim and results achieved so far in the framework of the GLOW project were also presented. The event was targeted at both academic and industrial researchers and scientists and industry representatives. The workshop was very effective, successful and productive with a very good and diverse set of speakers and high-level array of participants.


“It was a great privilege to host this workshop at Megara Resins and we are extremely pleased that the event was so well received by all the delegates. Many thanks to all the people who contributed to the conference either through speaking or attendance as a delegate. Our visitors thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the feedback has been great. Many thanks for your support"

Dr. Charalambos Varelas, GLOW Coordinator

International Workshop on Advances in Coatings Technology