Open workshop / demonstration organized and hosted by SBS

SBS organized and hosted an open workshop – demonstration combined with the final GLOW meeting that took place on Monday, October 23rd at SBS facilities in Villafranca Tirrena, Italy. Apart from all project partners, major companies/end users of the powder coatings market, which showed strong interest in the results of the project, were invited to attend the event.

Apart from the presentation of the GLOW activities and results given by GLOW researchers, the workshop also featured an on-site demonstration of GLOW materials production/processing/testing and validation organized by SBS. A visit to the SBS research and production facilities was also organised, where vivid discussions concerning the technological challenges pertaining to the production and up-scaling of new one-shot low gloss coatings took place. All partners thoroughly explained the project results and answered questions of the audience.

Glow project - SBS workshop/demonstration


Glow project - low gloss coating powder

Photo of the low gloss powders based on the new acrylic resin Glow 4P, Ratio ACR/Primid 50/50 demonstrated at the workshop



Photo of the low gloss powder coatings based on the new acrylic resins demonstrated at the workshop

You can find below the abstracts of the scientific presentations given during the workshop.