Preparation of Epoxy Resin/CaCO3 Nanocomposites and Performance of Resultant Powder Coatings

Carbon nanocomposites have received more attention in the last years in view of their special properties such as low density, high specific surface area, and thermal and mechanical stability. Taking into account the importance of these materials, many studies aimed at improving the synthesis process have been conducted. However, the presence of impurities could affect significantly the properties of these materials, and the characterisation of these compounds is an important challenge to assure the quality of the new carbon nanocomposites. Thus, in this work are presented the characteristics of carbon nanocomposites, the improvements and developments in the synthesis process, as well as the most used characterisation techniques of these compounds.

Haojie Yu, Li Wang, Quan Shi, Song Jiang, Guohua Jiang
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