SBS Steel Belt Systems Powder Coating Division (SBS, Italy)

SBS STEEL BELT SYSTEMS S.r.l. (SBS) was established in 1984. The company's main task is to design and build continuous process conveyors, equipped with endless steel belts from BERNDORF for a wide range of applications within the chemical, petrochemical, plastic, food, rubber and powder coating industries. SBS is a member of the international group BERNDORF (AUSTRIA). SBS headquarters are located in Venegono Inferiore (VA) - Italy. A Pilot Test Centre is also located in the same premises for the development of new industrial processes – either directly developed or studied in cooperation with the customers. A Powder Coatings Division, used also as Test Centre for research of new applications, is present in Sicily, in the South of Italy.

Steel Belt Systems S.r.l. was established in 1984 and comprises two divisions. SBS Steel Belt Systems S.r.l. ( has nearly 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of special equipment, for a wide range of industrial processes within the chemical, petrochemical, plastic, food, rubber and powder coating industries. Due to this unique expertise SBS possesses a key position in the international powder coatings industry as a supplier of special equipment to major European and international manufacturers. In the last 5 years SBS Polveri ( has developed activities on the production and reformulation (regenerating sub-products, which cannot be reintroduced in the productive cycle) of powder coatings.

The GLOW project will develop new types of powder coatings opening up the need for new production/processing/application processes and equipment. There is an important relationship between the performance of powder coatings formulations and their manipulation at all stages from their production to application. Important knowledge will be generated during the project that relates these two aspects, which may give the opportunity to SBS to develop new, specialised equipment for powder coatings plants.

Role in Glow: 
  • Design and build a pre-production prototype fully instrumented cooling belt for the handling of the newly developed solid acrylic resins.
  • Development and validation of low gloss powder coatings based on the newlydeveloped solid acrylic resins.
  • Development and validation of powder coatings containing selected nanoadditives.
  • Participation in two-way secondments (hosting of and second researchers to) with the RTD partners NCSRD and CUL.
Contact person: 

Mr. Giovanni Calamara (